Bippity makes furniture especially for shelters, children’s homes, group homes, universities, firehouses, camps, non-profit housing and government facilities.

Our furniture is affordable, durable, comfortable and stylish. We believe that no matter where they’re living or how long they’re staying there, it ought to feel like home.

At the same time, we design and manufacture bippity furniture to make sure it can stand up to daily use (and abuse), meet all relevant fire/safety specs, and be easy to clean, maintain and add-on to.

We created bippity in 2002, following more than three decades in the retail and contract furniture markets with Cargo Furniture® and Pier 1®. We wanted to focus on the simple things: service, value, quality and building long-term relationships.

The way we see it, our customers are not just looking to buy furniture. They’re looking for someone who will listen and understand the challenges they face with their facilities.

So we’ll never just push a catalog in front of them and say, “Here’s what we’re selling.” Instead, we’ll listen, research and design a custom solution that fits their unique needs, budget and schedule.

For more information about how Bippity can help, call us at 1-866-266-1330 and tell us about your facility. We’ll listen. And we’ll help.

Create a ripple!

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